At Shravan routine ENT services and majority of the specialized services are offered in the clinic itself. For patients needing hospitalization we are attached to a major hospital. Some of the specialized services offered are as under. Preferably take prior appointment to avoid long waiting.

For Children

For Teenagers

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Health Tips

Ear bud use

Avoid using ear buds to clean the ear, it is dangerous. Ear canal is akin to a curved tube closed at one end by a thin paper [Ear drum]. The tube is narrow in the middle. Hence complete cleaning of the ear with ear bud is not possible. Attempt at cleaning with ear bud, will remove the wax partially only. The rest of the wax is pushed onto the ear drum. It is also prone to accidental damage to ear drum. Always get the ear wax cleaned by an expert.

Mater Ear
Ear Canal

Insect in the ear

Very irritative / painful. Kill the insect by drowning the insect, pour water / spirit / oil into the ear. Once the insect is dead the emergency is over. See the ENT specialist the next day.


Insect in the ear


Learning disability due to hearing loss

When children have mild to moderate hearing loss they will show diminished performance. When ever a child's response is inadequate to expectation, is naughty, is inattentive and or lazy, do not blame the child. The handicap your child faces can be easily appreciated by you with this simple test.

Close both your ears tightly with your index fingers. Now listen to other talk "with and without" the ear plugged. Get the child investigated for mild to moderate hearing loss in a good ENT / audiological centre.


Known as giddiness also. Ear ailment is the commonest cause of giddiness. In ear giddiness, hallucination of movements is the main symptom. It should be differentiated from Dizziness / Blackout / fits / weakness. Ideally for giddiness you should see an ENT specialis

Delayed Speech

The majority believe in the philosophy “Delayed speech give Speech therapy”. This is not the ideal management. You have to analyze the cause of delayed speech and then if the cause is -

Hearing loss - refer to ENT specialist / hearing aid fitting / AVT.

Mental retardation - IEP by Special educator for Mentally challenged.

Learnig disability - IEP by Special educator for Learning Disability.

All children prior to being referred to the special educator for evaluation have to be evaluated for hearing by an objective test [OAE / Threshold BERA]. As far as possible all challenged children should be habilitated / trained in a normal school [inclusive education] setting. Specialized school should be for the very bad cases only.

Ear Wax

Wax is a normal secretion in the ears, like tears in the eyes. It helps in keeping the ear clean. Wax collection in the ear is abnormal and has to be removed. Hard wax has to be softened by using drops before cleaning. Cleaning is done by syringing / suction / by ear hook under vision. Always go to an expert for the same. Never indulge in self cleaning it can be dangerous.