Co-orporate programmes


Noise pollution has both Non auditory and auditory components. Auditory [Hearing] effects are known to majority but non hearing effects like, irritability, head ache, increase heart rate, increase Bp etc are not understood by the majority. Noise pollution and its effects are not given the importance that is deserved. These programs are directed to educate on the handicap noise exposure and prevent Noise induced health handicap.

Noise Pollution [Sociacusis]

Protection of employees from effects of noise pollution is a legal requirement in addition to health concerns. We in Shravan have programs to help the industry to make then noise friendly

Hearing Conservation Program

Hearing loss is now one of the commonest disability and Sociacusis is causing the majority of them. Being a silent disability it is diffucult to detect. Through this program we help in early identification to help these people. It is directed at people exposed to sounds like

The program is to educate on the handicap noise exposure and prevent Noise induced health handicap

CSR service provider [Leadership & Technical]:

Both Literacy and health care services come under CSR activity. Most corporate find it difficult to identify suitable program to benefit the majority with the limited budget. We have multiple programs to help the society in this direction. ENT health care service has a direct bearing both under Literacy and health care. Our ENT School health care program is directed at both of this at the same time. We offer service support to Corporate who wish to provide services under CSR activities.