Child hearing handicap

To understand the difficulty your child undergoes do this simple test.

Press both your ears with the index fingers .

Listen to others speak with ears closed and with ears open. Now you can understand the handicap your child with mild hearing lose faces in every day life.

Child with mild / moderate, undetected / untreated Hearing loss finds difficulty in performing auditory task that require attention, discrimination, organisation, representation, recognition, comprehension, storage and retrieval of auditory information. Handicap generally noticed are, Delayed Speech, Backwardness in the class, Problematic child etc. Some are labeled Learning disability [LD] / Mentally challenged. Behavioral problems can be the outward expression of internal difficulties such as depression, anxiety and learning disorder and should be investigated for hearing.

Some of the common correctable conditions are, Secretory otitis media, Impacted wax both ears, CSOM etc.